My name is Alana, I am 32 years old. I am a stay at home mother with two beautiful boys, aged 4 and 2. I love to cook and watch scifi and fantasy TV/ movies with my husband. I am a serious geek. ( I have an Ewok backpack, that I  use)  I really like to go walking and  as I live near a beach that just adds to the appeal to get outside. I am also a full time author and use this site as a kind of blog, documenting my love of books , authors and of course my own writing journey.

I also suffer from Panic disorder and anxiety.  It’s not a great thing to have to live with, but I feel strongly about being real and at the moment these conditions are a part of my life.

On the cute and fuzzy side of my life I have two 6 week old male kittens! Behold the amazing cuteness!!!

Milo its the black and white and Ralph is the Ginger and white, they are a whole heap of fun and are really great for my anxiety…less great when trying to work!

I am signed to a great publishers which is called Feather Dreams Press which is part of the Bella Tulip publishing house. I adore the staff and the other authors are amazing. You will hear me talk about Ebony a lot! She is my PA and right hand woman.

That’s me in a nut shell! If you have questions, please drop me a line. Here are my links.





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