12 authors bring you 12 original short stories of when good boys want to meet you, and bad boys want blood. Voices need to be heard, and secrets stay buried only so long. Feel the whip of a dominatrix, and become a dark princess. Where lessons of internet dating are learned the hard way. Where you should never fall for the enemy, and till death do you really part. Take a walk in the sand, and watch love burn like wildfire with cataclysmic effects. 

Twist Me: A Dark Romance Anthology of love, lust, desires, murder, mystery and more. 

*All proceeds benefit the ASPCA*

Review foreword.

This review is a little different. It is a of one short story in an anthology. The Story I am reviewing today is  Acquiring August By Erin Lee.  I would like to add that I will be reviewing all the shorts within this book.  

Erin’s short is about Gina and August. Gina is a dominatrix who suffered as a disillusioned Submissive in her early twenties. Then decided to turn Domme.

August has Step Daddy issues and Is fixated with is last Dom Goddess.  The two meet when Gina posts an Advertisement on Craigslist for a new Sub. 

I usually dislike books with a BDSM theme. After reading Fifty Shades I was thoroughly put off.  This book however, is for a good cause and with the stories all be short I thought why the heck not.

The theme still leaves me cold. but I did enjoy the short. This is due to the way it was presented. This is not a book that makes you want to go and  ‘experiment’ with the other half.  Gina is unhinged for a start. she has suffered at the hands of a Dominant and through the years has been trying to find her ‘fit’ on the other side of the whip.

August, seems to want to be submissive but has a love hate relationship with his last Dom, Goddess. It was a perfect match for all the wrong reasons. the story progresses quickly which I expected from a short. I liked that there were time hops to both Gina and August’s pasts.  I had one literal jaw dropping moment and if you have read Erin’s other works you will pick up on it too when you read this.

In conclusion. It’s not my thing. The story held its own and I did love that Gina isn’t some young girl; that was a nice touch. What really held me was that regardless of theme Erin always makes it her own and the ending is fantastic.


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