My name is Beverly. I’m more than a Thing.

Every town has its legends. I would know, I am one of them. I am the girl they tell campfire stories about. The “well-liked librarian” who was going places until she was kidnapped and eaten by the Ice Cream Man. I am the warning parents tell their children about, the woman whose remains were never found…

There’s so much more to my story than how I died. 

My name is Beverly Watkins. I was twenty-seven years old the day I perished at the hands of a serial killer. For more than a year, Master Jimmie kept me in his favorite freezer and took me out for weekly playdates. I was the cherry on top of his twisted ice cream sundae; the Thing he called Fifteen.

It’s only the beginning to my story. You see, justice is haunting. And tonight, I’m in the mood for it. I’m here to set the record straight, to make sure all the facts are tied up in perfect yellow bows like the ones they tied around trees for me. I won’t rest until I’ve told my own story, my way. Which reminds me: I have a visit to make.

Care to join me?


This is book three in the Diary of a Serial Killer series. I have read them all now and I have to say it has been one of the most compelling series I have ever read.  I might have said this in other reviews of the previous books Just Things and Jimmie’s Icecream. But this is my first serial killer focused horror collection. I usually read the paranormal stuff which I love. these books have become some well loved favorites in an very short space of time.

Thing Fifteen picks up where Jimmie’s Icecream left off. Jimmie Putman is in jail and is now being haunted by his ‘cherry on top’; Thing Fifteen: aka Beverly Watkins.  She makes his life hell.

We also learn more about Thing Fifteen and how  she recalls her time with Master Jimmie. We meet Florel again and see how she has developed since the last book.  Thing Fifteen wants to make Jimmie pay for everything he has done. She goes as far as to find Momma.

Its a chilling read. the way the reader is taken through the past and also the present is fascinating if a little unnerving. There is something about Jimmie. Even locked away and harmless that makes me skin crawl. Thing Fifteen is a strong woman and I love that she has her own book.

The most terrifying character in the series for me is Momma. she is all kinds of messed up and Jimmie is scared to death of her.  The idea of the ‘Things’ and other characters mentioned in the book living in this sort of half way house to heaven was such an unexpected twist. I really loved that element as it gave them there own space and made it easier to picture them in my minds eye.

Overall It is a great series and I felt that by the end of the book I really knew Beverly and a lot more about Jimmie as well. Some of the descriptions are a bit icky but it wouldn’t be a horror without them so be brave people it is worth it.


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Thing Fifteen

Jimmie’s Icecream

Just Things

*This book can be read as a stand alone*

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