Meet Lola Murray—and the seven other personalities who live in her head…

A patient at the Rosewood Hospital for Mental Wellness, Lola struggles to cope with Dissociative Identity Disorder—or alters as she calls her many egos.

Their names are Maria, Tim, Clare, Zoe, Frog, Rabbit, and Samantha—all ranging in age, gender, and with wildly different personalities. But with five women and two men battling to live their lives through Lola, it’s only a matter of time before someone wins…

Therapy sessions threaten the survival of the group…

With the help of Lola’s therapist, she’s able to better understand the many personalities living in her head. They are like life-long friends, and their presence is all Lola has ever known. Without them, she’d be in this big world all by herself, and that is even more paralyzing than the alternative her doctor has suggested—merge all seven personalities into one, dominant Lola.

Fifty-one years is long enough…

With release from the hospital coming up fast, Lola’s alters scramble to prevent being erased. But after fifty-one years of hosting their lives while struggling for her own—when will it be her turn to live? Lola has to consider life outside of the institution. Friends, a job, and maybe even romance—how will she function with so many people making choices for her?

As her first act of independence, Lola must decide. Will she live the rest of her life as herself, or as Lola, party of eight?


I LOVED this book.

I read it in 7 hours its about 70,000 words. That is how much I loved it. The story of Lola and her 7 alters was highly interesting and so immersive at times I actually felt sorry for them. It is I thought quite funny in places. It’s like being with a group of kids all fighting for attention; all moaning about each other and their lives.

The book is written so that every personality gets to ‘talk’ and that was a tad hard to get my head around for the first couple of chapters but once the situation became clear (and my grey cells caught up) I was hooked.

Each Alter has its own quirks and its own flaws. There are some unanswered questions which are killing me. But in know this is book 1 in a 3 part series, so I will have to hang on for book two. Because this is a continuing story the ending will make you want the next book.  By the end of the book I felt like I had always known Lola and wanted her to succeed and be free.

The author is brilliant at writing books that feel real. I think this is due to her day job. ( Read her bio at the bottom of this review to find out more.) Which I find hold my attention from start to finish with ease.

Book 2 cannot come fast enough!


Amazon Link  Alters




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