Three months after Lex and Jake were attacked by a psycho, Mia Capone is trying to get her life back to some semblance of normality. However, her visions are plaguing her, becoming stronger and more intense. She has a vision that puts her on the radar of a killer. A vicious psychopath, who will crush her new found normality.

Cole Evans had tried to keep his distance from Mia, until being reunited with her three months ago. He feels inexplicably drawn to her but tries to keep a wide berth, happy to hang in the shadows. However, a case throws Cole and Mia together again, plunging them both into a dark chaotic world. Her visions have put her in harm’s way, bringing dark forces to bear that could destroy them both. 

Will Cole be able to protect Mia? Will they stop the killer before he strikes again?

Sweet Visions is book two of the DAMNED series.

I first discovered Zizi Cole a few months back when I read and reviewed her debut novel Sweet Nightmares. Book one of the DAMNED series. I was so taken with the first book that I was really looking forward to the second.
The story follows Mia Capone from book one and her ability to see visions of events and or people. It picks up a few months after the attack on her cousin Lex and her sweetheart Jake. Mia is trying to forget about the horrific events and go back to being the owner of the town diner.
But as much as she tries to convince herself and others. The visions haven’t gone away. In fact they are getting more frequent. Feeling tired and stressed out the last thing she wants to keep dealing with is Cole propping up the counter everyday and watching her like some lab experiment.
Cole is going through his own hell of sorts. Past events have shaken him and his feelings for Mia are all tangled up in his sense of propriety, attraction and the fact that she annoys the pants off him.
choice is soon taken away from the two when evil returns to town and this time its after Mia.
I am not going to give too much away you will have to go read it.
The book moves at a good pace with plenty to keep you interested. The visions are described well and I still think Cole is the best character in the series.  It is a good follow up to book one and I really enjoyed it.  Ms. Cole has her own style and it is consistent in both books.  Book one is still my favorite in this series so far. But this title holds its own.
If you enjoy mystery, paranormal with romance thrown in then this series is for you.
4.5 Stars.
For more about the author and her books click here Zizi Cole

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