final ebook cover greener


We all do it.

It’s part of what makes us human. There are names for it – jealousy, envy, and sometimes even greed. We daydream about what someone else has. We convince ourselves that things would be better if we were someone else altogether…The grass is always greener, we believe. Or is it?

For Caroline, being left alone would be everything. She’s had enough of doctors and nurses telling her how to live because of a mistake she made as a kid. The idea of another shrink makes her cringe. Yet, she doesn’t have a choice. Not if she wants to keep living on the outside.

For Nora, being seen would mean the world. It’s been years since she’s had a hot shower without sneaking around but no one notices. No one cares to ask. It’s her job to smile, pretend everything is great and ask them about their days instead.

And for Dennis, the ability not to care at all would solve his difficulties. If only he could stop worrying about what people thought of him. To live authentically would make things so much easier. He could finally close the door to his past.

Three people with entirely different problems and one thing in common: They are trapped with a need to escape. Ironic, when Escape, Colorado is exactly the place tourists expect to find their own escapes. But then, the tourists are human too…

The grass is always greener.
Or, is it? 

You all may have noticed. I am an Erin Lee fan girl. And proud of it!  After reading When I’m Dead. ( scroll down to read my review) I picked up greener. It has a happy cover and the blurb sounded interesting so, I loaded the kindle and entered the worlds of  three very different people. All with the same problem really. They all believed that everyone else had it better.

I know I have had that thought a few times in my life. This book really cheered me up. The tree leads who each have their own narrative which I love. Nora I could really relate to. she looks okay on the outside and does her job, but behind closed doors she is far from okay. Her interactions with Caroline are really honest and they made me smile even more after you learn a bit more about the two of them.

Then there is Dennis, I love Dennis. He just wants to get on but his fear of rejection is holding him back. The trio are a real mix of imperfect people who just want to love and be loved. Just like you and I.  That’s What makes this such a heart warming book. The fact that they are normal flawed people who are really trying their best to get on in life.

By the end of the book I was goofy smiling and really wished there was more book left. It is a feel good book that everyone can relate to and I think the Grass is only ever greener when you take care of it.

Awesome book.

Five Stars.

Amazon link. Greener. By Erin Lee



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