haven’t fallen down in days. 

That may not seem like much, but my God, it’s such an accomplishment. Being made to stand and kneel repeatedly while he performs his rituals is exhausting and I’m pretty sure that the welts on the bottom of my feet are ready to pop. 

My knees. They’re bruised, covered in dry blood and cuts; but I won’t fall down. I can’t fall down; that means he wins again and I get put down in the oubliette.

Being in the dark never scared me, being alone was something I used to cherish until he took me. 

I just want to find the light now. I want to find the warm place that he tells me so much about; the place where he says all of this pain will make sense. 

I won’t fall down again.

I can’t.

Not before I find my peace in the light. I have to do it soon because I’m not sure how much more I can take. 

Miserere mei sunt.



I don’t really know where to start. This book is all things. It hurts but there is hope. It’s painfully sad, but there is moments of joy. Pater is my worst nightmare. Ms. Olson really evokes true fear of what awaits you on the next page.

It is just an amazing read. I cried ugly tears through Some of it. this was my first time experiencing Ms. Olson’s work and I was not disappointed. She transports you into the dark work she has created.

It’s called Inferno for a reason. You WILL get burned. But it is so worth it.

Five Stars .


Amazon link


At the time of this review Inferno was not available on KU.

Author central page.

Yolanda Olson


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