Jayne has hidden behind a disfiguring facial birthmark. Nothing has helped to overcome a scar she cannot hide from. Tortured by peers, and even in her adult life, Jayne has finally accepted the hand she’s been dealt. She’s vowed never to let anyone under her skin again. Trust is for the foolish.
Until Larry.
Larry has lived the life most people would dream of. A football star who spends his free time at the gym, people view him as perfect. But Larry, diagnosed with a debilitating disease, knows better. He will not accept a future of relying on others and pledges to do something about it while he still can. He refuses to be fooled by “friends.”
Until Jayne.
Bonded by fear of the future, Larry and Jayne have nothing to lose. They agree to teach lessons to people who have, or will, hurt them. Together, they promise to help karma stamp its justice. The rules will be simple: No regret. No excuses. No shame.

I am never disappointed, when I read a book by Erin Lee. This book has to be one of my favorites. It’s the story of two people, Larry and Jayne and it is so moving and  so relevant. As I was reading about their experiences, I was able to put that against my own life and realized that this happens EVERY DAY! Hidden illness and ‘difference’ from the ‘norm’ are shunned or ridiculed. The way this book is written is so real that by the end of it I really felt like I knew Larry and Jayne.

I really loved that book is written in dual PoV and that the reader experiences flash backs and fast-forwards. I am a sucker for books that contain these. It makes for a really exciting read. I love getting information about the characters and this style of writing makes me feel as though I am getting more than I expected.

Even though this is a short read it is so full of emotion and detail that I didn’t feel it lost anything at all. This author seems to be able to tap into the really important topics that society just isn’t ready, or is unwilling to deal with.

Another amazing read.


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No Shame


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