Regret Comes in Every Color of the Rainbow

Based on Erin Lee’s novella, Her Name Was Sam, Freak is the story of Kelly and Morgan, the mother and sister of Sam Harris, in the aftermath of her suicide. Bullied for being brave enough to show her true colors to the world, Sam has been gone exactly one year and Kelly and Morgan are left to tackle the grief that comes with regret in her absence.

But Sam’s story is far from over…

Through the love of Willow, a teenager intent on standing up for her “Freak” best friend at all costs, Ryan is able to finally come out to family and friends. His transformation from ashamed to proud with Willow’s help gives new meaning to Sam’s story and how things could have been.

Because love comes in all shades too.


Shockingly, I have not read Her Name was Sam. (I know I need to fix that!)  Freak is such an amazing book, The way Sam talks to us from ‘Cloud Space’ (a kind of in between heaven) is so touching. To hear all of the emotions the whole family went through in the aftermath of Sams suicide is heart rendering. Sam is a beautiful person who just couldn’t find her place in a world that shuns difference.

Reading about how her mother and sister felt about Sam while she was alive and the feelings that still felt once she had gone, was  written in such an honest way.  I shed a few tears reading this book.

Willows story is the flip side to Sam she was meant to be Willow and her best friend Ryan is the ‘Freak’ in their tale. It was painful to watch Willow almost make the same mistakes that Sam’s family and friends made while she was alive. But , thankfully, Ryan with some help from his new love interest and his best friend, was able to come out and be proud of being a ‘Freak.’

I loved this book, The topic covered is so relevant. I really believe everyone should read FREAK.  It really makes you think about what you say to others and the effect your words could have on that person.

Another wonderful read by Erin Lee. Is there a genre she cannot master?

5 STARS for this book and I recommend a box of tissues as well!

Amazon by link.   FREAK



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