It wasn’t realistic for me to think that I could change the world. But it didn’t mean I couldn’t get my hands a little dirty and save all the children who came across my desk. That’s why I became a social worker; to make a difference in kids’ lives. I was doing it—one day, one kid at a time—until I met Faith.

Faith changed everything. For a kid too young to even really talk, her smile said everything I needed to hear. The way she reached for me as I shuffled her from visit to visit with her drug-addicted mom spoke louder than any plea she could have shouted. I heard her. Even the guardian ad litem, the guy appointed to protect her, knew. Everyone did, except the law.

The day I handed her back was one of the hardest of my life. It’s this pesky thing called ‘minimum standard of care.’ It’s the law and the law doesn’t listen to one-year- olds who’d probably rather not grow up in shelters with mothers who don’t believe in daily feedings.

They told me I couldn’t save the world. They told me not to try. I took it as a dare and said, “watch me.”

Losing Faith is the story of social worker Aster Henderson and her battle to save a little girl known as Faith. Fighting against a broken system and people who’ve simply given up, Aster finds herself with a decision to make – to break the very laws she’s sworn to work within, or, to follow the rules. Sometimes, when a child’s life depends on it, things get murky . . . At least, for the ones who really care.


When I began this book I was warned it might make me cry… It did. The story is heartbreaking in the sense that this really happens and I had so much empathy for the foster mother and the wee girl, Faith. I really liked the way it was written, it’s a short book but each short chapter is identified by a letter of the alphabet which was inspired. Some good use of alliteration and the sensitivity in which the author has written this story is just beyond words. To be able to write something that is so heart rendering with such compassion and skill, just blew me away.

Every word was very carefully thought out and there was nothing hidden in this book, the author give you it all no sugar coating. It felt authentic and it was in places, a very emotional read. It made me feel very humble and grateful for the life I have.

The characters felt like real people. I have never really intensely disliked a book character, that was before I met Laura. To be able to experience a full range of emotions its very important to me when I read. I want a book to make me feel! The author achieved that and then some!
I wish there was a higher star rating for this book, it really moved me and the writing is flawless. Erin Lee, is one of my new favorite authors to read.



Amazon buy link  LosingFaith


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