Hey Everyone!!!!

Just look at that cover!!! Isn’t it just the nicest cover in the whole world?  Today is the day I show the world the new look for The Aurora Stone. It has been a long journey getting her and not always an easy one. But I can honestly say I finally feel like I have ‘arrived’ as an author now.

This cover was designed for me by Author R L Weeks, she is very talented and really understood what I wanted my new cover to be. She is also Co Owner of Feather Dreams/ Bella Tulip. So it was really great to work with someone so multi talented. What else can I say about it . I have a thing for black cover books. It was like She was speaking to my soul!

I have the re release date as well, also attached to a lovely piece of promotional art work

Drum roll please………..


TA DA!!!!!

You heard it here first, (unless you have Facebook) June 9th is the day my book gets back out there all revamped and sexy looking.

I really hope you all love the new cover. I will be sharing more promotional materiel with you soon; along with events and any interviews I take part in.  Exciting times are coming and I have a great group of people around me to celebrate with.


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