So, you wrote a book… You need to read this!

Hey, it’s me again,

Hows your week going ….?  Good, glad to hear it. Mine is going quite well too.  Who an I kidding ! Its going freaking amazingly well!!!!

You remember a while back I wrote a book..?

You bought it ! That’s sweet, cosmic love to you!  Well I removed it from print earlier this year, ( gasps) in the hopes of finding a publishing house that liked it and I have found one!

*Manic cheering to be inserted here*

So it’s a very exciting time for me and my future works. I have been signed by a wonderful company that are going places at light speed.  The company that saw my little books potential is called Feather Dreams Press. They are a fabulous group of highly trained superstars.  I have never felt so welcome.  They specialist in YA ( young adult ) fiction.

I know what you’re all thinking ,  good for you but what does this have to do with me? I am getting there I promise! There are other facets to this gem of a company, so if you write romance or  erotica ( oo err!) ; sci-fi, even the scary stuff that keeps me up at night… horror! (S. E. England knows what I’m talking about!) Then there is a place for you too!

*Shocked silence …. followed cheering to be inserted here… feel free to bask in it ) 

So what are you waiting for?  Dust of that manuscript file you have been sitting on forever and take a chance. I did and I am goofy happy about it.

I have listed below the links for each area of the publishers and at the time of posting this they are all open for submissions.

Scroll down to find the links.



Bella Tulip

  • Romance,
  • Contemporary,
  • New adult.

 Zombie Cupcake Press  –

  • Paranormal,
  • Fantasy,
  • Sci-fi,
  • Dystopian,
  • Horror.

Smoke and Mirrors ink –

  • Erotica

 Feather Dreams Press –

  • YA ( young adult,)

I am signed with this press 







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