Super exciting author interview news!

So I have been kinda lazy,  I know!  Me the queen of procrastination, lies I hear you all cry in my defense ( you’re sweet but seriously I have been). Today however I was encouraged by a friend and fellow author ( who is not lazy at all) to get my butt in gear and get back to it.  So I took a nap, what!  ‘It’ is a very small word with far reaching possibilities. well, it is in my world… I digress,  where was I..? News… Right, yes, I have not only met this very day three authors all of whom are lovely and write different genre. They will all be taking part in an author interview!

I shall give you all a moment to cheer and celebrate my good fortune….

Ok, enough of that.

For the fans of contemporary romance we have author T M  Sullivean! I am ready to fall  in love with a new book boyfriend…Sigh…

Those who get lost in fantasy, allow Zizi Cole to draw you into the dark side with her imagination.

Wait there is more!

To tempt you with his word smith skills in the medieval  fantasy world of kings and knights. Al Burke its the author to watch.

All  three of these fantastic authors will be making there debut appearance ( on this blog, not in general, I’m not that important!) right here in the coming weeks. Its going to be epic! You guys really don’t want to miss this.

I feel serious reading time coming on. Oh goodie!!



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