Its been a while!

Hey Everyone,

So as you may have noticed all has been quiet here on my blog. well I moved house and as I have come to expect with every move something goes wrong! However, I am back and ready to get going.

I haven’t read a lot lately, no time shocking I know! I have a few good books on my kindle ready to rock though. Tanners Dell by the queen of horror S. E. England ( I am still sleeping with a night light since reading Father of lies). I reviewd Father of Lies  a few months back and interviewed the lady herself. she is a sweet heart! So please flick back a few pages and check those out.  I also have the final installment in the trillogy ready, Magda. If i am not a jibbering wreck after Tanners Dell that is!


Also big squishy congratulations to Phil Price for landing a publishing deal! And the re-release of Unknown! Not only that his next book is almost ready for release so I shall of course be reading , reviewing and interviewing the man himself. The Turning is coming soon!

On the writing front for me… well… I have been working on and off on a book for a while ( mostly off lately!) so I am hoping to get that all up and running again. plus I have a few ideas kicking about so I really do need to get my butt to the computer and get imagining.

In the mean time here is the cover for The Turning by Phil Price and the revamped one for Unknown, they are awesome!


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