REVIEW Jayded, Dark and light Book 1. By Gideon


Searching for Heaven but living in Hell. This was Jay`s life, he had been gifted since birth. He carried the gift of foresight, he could communicate with those beyond this mortal realm. He was the one that could do, what no other could. This gift carried a very high price though. It was slowly killing him, pushing him to the very edges of his sanity. He was destined to help his fellow man, to only serve the divine. But one by one people close to him started dying. The darkness was coming and all that stood before it was Jay, a member of the celestial choir and some very short-tempered dog soldiers. In a game of chicken between the universe and these four, you would have to wonder who would blink first. The light will continue to shine, whatever the cost may be.


This book was one of the more unusual titles I have read. The author has a very interesting imagination.  The story is about a man named Jay who is troubled with visions and doesn’t quite know his place in the world.  It is only have a serious life event that Jay truly comes to understand and accept his calling upon Earth.

The story is set at a good pace with a few characters but the ones that are in the story are strong and fully developed.  I would have liked to have found out more about Jays back story and also that of the female lead. To give that richness.  The way the author has been able to tackle such a interesting subject is commendable. I find the areas that are covered very interesting. It has a slight Constantine edge about it which i liked.

The language is good if in some places repetitive. I am aware this is book one in a series and I felt the ending lent itself perfectly for the next book. In my opinion this is book would not work as a stand alone due to the ending, although the author has been very clever with the ending; it makes you want  to find out what happens next!

In conclusion, I found the topic engaging and the writing good. slightly repetitive in places but nothing that hugely detracts from the story. Great characters and a brilliant leading ending. Very well written to set up the second book in this series.

I give Jayded 3.5 stars.

At the time of this review Jayded was available on Kindle unlimited

Jayded by Gideon link.



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