REVIEW. Nameless, By Helen J Barnes




Addison is a typical teen, who worries only about the relatively insignificant things in life like; college, friends, boy bands and passing her driving test. 

Little does Addy know, life is about to put her to the test when she becomes the object of an addiction, an infatuation and an obsession on a level she cannot begin to comprehend.
As the weather turns frosty and the icy season draws in Addison finds that, someone she assumed to be a relatively innocent secret admirer, is taking things to the next level and their thoughts are colder, darker and more sinister than the freezing winter nights.
But how do you stop a faceless, nameless stalker when even authorities can’t find the culprit?

4 Stars

I really enjoyed this book, It was well written and engaging. The characters are relate-able  and true to life. I especially liked the female lead Addy, she  come across as both strong and vulnerable.

The Story is quite dark and the subject matter ma not be for everyone, however I found it sensitively written. To  be able to write something so harrowing without making it into a  an uncomfortable read is a real skill. It is a book that keeps you wondering until the end, I was very pleased to find that I had trouble guessing who the sinister character was as it kept me reading.

There was only one aspect of the book that I found disappointing and that was the screen shots of the Facebook messages. now, I read this book on my kindle paper white so maybe that is the issue. Having said that when I enlarged the font size in the hopes to read the images they sadly remained the same size.

Over all it is a great example of the genre and I would read it again.

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This book is currently available on Kindle unlimited.


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