REVIEW The Nephilim Brood, By Michael K. Paraiso


Shane Connell along with 144,000 other people are abducted by aliens. They believe that they have been kept in stasis and brought to the aliens home planet.Only they find out that their not on a planet at all, but aboard an enormous terrarium star-ship, with an environment almost identical to Earth.

They also learn that their alien captors are actually highly evolved humans; on a rescue mission to save them from impending disaster. There’s a humongous asteroid on a collision course with Earth. Their mission is to transport a diverse segment of the earth human population to a new home planet in a galaxy 389 years away.

However, evolution has taken a terrible wrong turn on this new planet and humanity has split into  two separate species. One species are pre-Neanderthal carnivores. The others are normal humans as nature intended, the carnivore creatures will eventually render the native humans extinct. So a third species, a small select group of earth humans that will include Shane Connell, will be sent through a wormhole hundreds of years in advance on a mission to try and right this evolutionary wrong.

They are the Nephilim Brood…

Shane rescues Lashena, a beautiful native woman from certain death at the hands of the carnivorous creatures. they spend time living together in erotic bliss and fall madly in love. Shane discovers a deadly poisonous plant and teaches the natives archery and the art of the poisonous booby trap. He then enlists the help of the earth humans. Heavily outnumbered, against all odds and after many hard fought battles they finally defeat the bloodthirsty creatures in an epic battle of the ages.


This book held so much promise int the beginning, I loved how much detail there is describing the star ship and the complexity of the characters . I could clearly picture the scenes in my head. I really like Shane Connell, his character is strong and has a great presence. I could tell early on that he would make a great leader.The cross section of the human race that are the main focus in the first half of the book are very well-developed and totally believable. The interactions are great and really give the reader a true insight into how we interact with each other when thrown together in an unknown situation.

The mixture of biblical references and SCI-FI is an interesting one that surprisingly works very well. I have studied the Bible and found that the author had really researched for this title. For me it added that extra element and I believe that this book is still mainstream enough to appeal to a wide audience.

The story sets a good pace, the introduction of the native tribe starting with Lashena was gripping and very well thought out, I could tell this story was going to just get better and better. Sadly it didn’t turn out that way.  The second half of the book is very repetitive, I found myself becoming a bit put off.  The battles were truly epic in scale and detailed, however, I think this section could have been streamlined or maybe changed up the language slightly to keep the reader hooked.

In conclusion, it is a good SCI-FI with a Biblical twist. An amazing cast and some truly amazing descriptive writing in places. For me the only thing that places this book as good and not great is the second half. Overall an eye-opening read that really gets you thinking about what it means to be Human.

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