Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!

I set this up to share my love of the written word mostly, but also about me as a person and my adventures (or lack there of).  I am an author, my first book was indie published but then I was picked up by a publisher and am currently waiting for my re launch in June! I have always loved to read and a dear friend of mine who is also an author encouraged me to use my crazy imagination to create my only stories. Its been an experience! So I will share with you my journey of independent publishing, my work and also the books I love to read. Don’t worry I don’t put spoilers in my reviews.

You are now probably thinking , great we know what you do, but who exactly are you? 

That’s a fair question, so here is a bit about me. My name is Alana, I am 32 years old. I am a stay at home mother with two beautiful boys, aged 4 and  2. I love to cook and watch scifi and fantasy TV/ movies with my husband. I am a serious geek. ( I have an Ewok backpack, that I  use)  I really like to go walking and  as I live near a beach that just adds to the appeal to get outside.



Reading is my real passion, I mean I read a LOT! So I thought why not use my love of reading to review some great new authors, some old favorites and just go with it. I then was asked if I offered interviews and I said … yeah I do! ( I totally didn’t and may have had a mild freak out) So there you have it; that’s me and what I do. Not too exciting but I love it and I hope you get some enjoyment from this site.





 haven’t fallen down in days. 

That may not seem like much, but my God, it’s such an accomplishment. Being made to stand and kneel repeatedly while he performs his rituals is exhausting and I’m pretty sure that the welts on the bottom of my feet are ready to pop. 

My knees. They’re bruised, covered in dry blood and cuts; but I won’t fall down. I can’t fall down; that means he wins again and I get put down in the oubliette.

Being in the dark never scared me, being alone was something I used to cherish until he took me. 

I just want to find the light now. I want to find the warm place that he tells me so much about; the place where he says all of this pain will make sense. 

I won’t fall down again.

I can’t.

Not before I find my peace in the light. I have to do it soon because I’m not sure how much more I can take. 

Miserere mei sunt.



I don’t really know where to start. This book is all things. It hurts but there is hope. It’s painfully sad, but there is moments of joy. Pater is my worst nightmare. Ms. Olson really evokes true fear of what awaits you on the next page.

It is just an amazing read. I cried ugly tears through Some of it. this was my first time experiencing Ms. Olson’s work and I was not disappointed. She transports you into the dark work she has created.

It’s called Inferno for a reason. You WILL get burned. But it is so worth it.

Five Stars .


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At the time of this review Inferno was not available on KU.

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Yolanda Olson




Six months is a long time in the life of a serial killer with active cravings. Jimmie Putnam has made a lot of changes. Now, with his own ice cream shop, hiding bodies is easier than ever before. With sixteen kills under his belt, Jimmie is cocky. And the cravings are only getting worse:

Have you ever just been in the mood for ice cream?
You can’t really say why that craving comes on.
But you can’t sleep, even at 2 a.m. until you get it.
So you put your sneakers on . . .

Killing’s like that, for me.
Today, I’m in the mood for black raspberry.
Come, take a tour, of Jimmie’s Ice Cream shop…

Twenty years is a long time to wait for justice. And when you’re so close that you can taste it, you want to serve yourself. Special Agent Florel Ross has made a vow. She has one year, or until Jimmie Putnam is about to kill again before she will confront him—or report him—herself. Now, with his own ice cream shop, watching him will be easier than ever before. With nothing to lose and obsession steering her, Florel is fearless. She takes the sort of risks her twin sister would be proud of. And the danger is only getting worse.

Have you ever been in the mood for revenge?
You can’t really say why that hunger comes on.
But you can’t sleep, even at 2 a.m. until you get it.
So you put your holster on . . .

Come, take a tour, of Jimmie’s Ice Cream Shop:
It’s due for inspection…

I couldn’t wait for this book. I read ‘Just Things’ and loved it. Erin has managed to seamlessly take us back into the damaged mind of Jimmie Putman. Reading about his exploits and the plan stupidity of Detective Florel. Seriously! I was screaming at the book. Reading back over Jimmie’s catalog of kills was fantastically gruesome. The way Erins’ writing is so stark and haunting that you forget it is a work of fiction. although there could be a real Jimmie out there. lets not dwell on that too much!
The parallels between killer and detective are startling and in a lot of was quite sad. I think this book has so many layers of understanding. it is more than just a serial killer thriller.
I couldn’t put this book down even though at points it was kinda ‘ this is gross i don’t want to read but I HAVE to know’ moments.
I am hooked on this series and even though I now have a deep fear of freezers and ice cream shops I will be reading the next book.


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Jayne has hidden behind a disfiguring facial birthmark. Nothing has helped to overcome a scar she cannot hide from. Tortured by peers, and even in her adult life, Jayne has finally accepted the hand she’s been dealt. She’s vowed never to let anyone under her skin again. Trust is for the foolish.
Until Larry.
Larry has lived the life most people would dream of. A football star who spends his free time at the gym, people view him as perfect. But Larry, diagnosed with a debilitating disease, knows better. He will not accept a future of relying on others and pledges to do something about it while he still can. He refuses to be fooled by “friends.”
Until Jayne.
Bonded by fear of the future, Larry and Jayne have nothing to lose. They agree to teach lessons to people who have, or will, hurt them. Together, they promise to help karma stamp its justice. The rules will be simple: No regret. No excuses. No shame.

I am never disappointed, when I read a book by Erin Lee. This book has to be one of my favorites. It’s the story of two people, Larry and Jayne and it is so moving and  so relevant. As I was reading about their experiences, I was able to put that against my own life and realized that this happens EVERY DAY! Hidden illness and ‘difference’ from the ‘norm’ are shunned or ridiculed. The way this book is written is so real that by the end of it I really felt like I knew Larry and Jayne.

I really loved that book is written in dual PoV and that the reader experiences flash backs and fast-forwards. I am a sucker for books that contain these. It makes for a really exciting read. I love getting information about the characters and this style of writing makes me feel as though I am getting more than I expected.

Even though this is a short read it is so full of emotion and detail that I didn’t feel it lost anything at all. This author seems to be able to tap into the really important topics that society just isn’t ready, or is unwilling to deal with.

Another amazing read.


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No Shame




Regret Comes in Every Color of the Rainbow

Based on Erin Lee’s novella, Her Name Was Sam, Freak is the story of Kelly and Morgan, the mother and sister of Sam Harris, in the aftermath of her suicide. Bullied for being brave enough to show her true colors to the world, Sam has been gone exactly one year and Kelly and Morgan are left to tackle the grief that comes with regret in her absence.

But Sam’s story is far from over…

Through the love of Willow, a teenager intent on standing up for her “Freak” best friend at all costs, Ryan is able to finally come out to family and friends. His transformation from ashamed to proud with Willow’s help gives new meaning to Sam’s story and how things could have been.

Because love comes in all shades too.


Shockingly, I have not read Her Name was Sam. (I know I need to fix that!)  Freak is such an amazing book, The way Sam talks to us from ‘Cloud Space’ (a kind of in between heaven) is so touching. To hear all of the emotions the whole family went through in the aftermath of Sams suicide is heart rendering. Sam is a beautiful person who just couldn’t find her place in a world that shuns difference.

Reading about how her mother and sister felt about Sam while she was alive and the feelings that still felt once she had gone, was  written in such an honest way.  I shed a few tears reading this book.

Willows story is the flip side to Sam she was meant to be Willow and her best friend Ryan is the ‘Freak’ in their tale. It was painful to watch Willow almost make the same mistakes that Sam’s family and friends made while she was alive. But , thankfully, Ryan with some help from his new love interest and his best friend, was able to come out and be proud of being a ‘Freak.’

I loved this book, The topic covered is so relevant. I really believe everyone should read FREAK.  It really makes you think about what you say to others and the effect your words could have on that person.

Another wonderful read by Erin Lee. Is there a genre she cannot master?

5 STARS for this book and I recommend a box of tissues as well!

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It wasn’t realistic for me to think that I could change the world. But it didn’t mean I couldn’t get my hands a little dirty and save all the children who came across my desk. That’s why I became a social worker; to make a difference in kids’ lives. I was doing it—one day, one kid at a time—until I met Faith.

Faith changed everything. For a kid too young to even really talk, her smile said everything I needed to hear. The way she reached for me as I shuffled her from visit to visit with her drug-addicted mom spoke louder than any plea she could have shouted. I heard her. Even the guardian ad litem, the guy appointed to protect her, knew. Everyone did, except the law.

The day I handed her back was one of the hardest of my life. It’s this pesky thing called ‘minimum standard of care.’ It’s the law and the law doesn’t listen to one-year- olds who’d probably rather not grow up in shelters with mothers who don’t believe in daily feedings.

They told me I couldn’t save the world. They told me not to try. I took it as a dare and said, “watch me.”

Losing Faith is the story of social worker Aster Henderson and her battle to save a little girl known as Faith. Fighting against a broken system and people who’ve simply given up, Aster finds herself with a decision to make – to break the very laws she’s sworn to work within, or, to follow the rules. Sometimes, when a child’s life depends on it, things get murky . . . At least, for the ones who really care.


When I began this book I was warned it might make me cry… It did. The story is heartbreaking in the sense that this really happens and I had so much empathy for the foster mother and the wee girl, Faith. I really liked the way it was written, it’s a short book but each short chapter is identified by a letter of the alphabet which was inspired. Some good use of alliteration and the sensitivity in which the author has written this story is just beyond words. To be able to write something that is so heart rendering with such compassion and skill, just blew me away.

Every word was very carefully thought out and there was nothing hidden in this book, the author give you it all no sugar coating. It felt authentic and it was in places, a very emotional read. It made me feel very humble and grateful for the life I have.

The characters felt like real people. I have never really intensely disliked a book character, that was before I met Laura. To be able to experience a full range of emotions its very important to me when I read. I want a book to make me feel! The author achieved that and then some!
I wish there was a higher star rating for this book, it really moved me and the writing is flawless. Erin Lee, is one of my new favorite authors to read.



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Sometimes, the cravings just take over.

Jimmie Putnam is an ordinary man by any measure. By day, he works as a law clerk. At night, when he can’t fight the cravings, he becomes a collector. He takes great care of his human Things; buying them cherry lipstick and reading to them from his journal. When they’ve been on their best behavior, he even takes them out of his freezers…

Sometimes, the need is just too deep.

Florel Ross has been mostly invisible since the death of her twin, who died twenty years ago at the hands of a serial killer. Obsessed with justice, Florel is willing to risk anything for the answers she craves: What goes on in the mind of a serial killer?

When the two yearnings collide, will it be justice or just Things?

I made a point of not reading anything about this book before I started it. This is a very cleverly written story of a criminal profiler and a serial killer. They are similar and yet so different.
The book is written in a very interesting way, party diary, part case notes and in dual P.O.V. I was hooked from the first page and could feel the character Jimmie, getting under my skin.
It is a real page turner and if it hadn’t been for other commitments, I would have finished this book in one sitting. (A bit like my favorite ice cream)
The author has created something very unique within the pages of ‘Just Things’. As I was reading, I found myself really thinking about the human condition and what makes us all tick.
A very thought provoking read in my opinion, and I look forward to the next book in the series; which I understand will be released soon.
There is nothing about this book I didn’t love. It reminded me of something my dad used to tell me when I was growing up. The real monsters are the ones hidden in plain site. Take notice, you never know who is out there with you.


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He had escaped the horrors of the last few months, starting a new life, with his new family.
His life was returning to normal, scars healing. Until they found him, taking his loved ones back through the doorway.
To their world. To their horrors.
Now Jake must follow, hoping it’s not too late.
Will he reach them in time?
Before they are turned against him.


The Turning is the second book in the forsaken series by author Phil Price, The First book entitled Unknown is based around the Lickey hills where a door opens between words and things come through and run rampant. Jake who is mourning the death of his family gets wrapped up in the supernatural goings on and ends up entering this Unknown place, landing right in the middle of a war that has been brewing for centuries. It changes him and the course of his life forever.

Jump forward Jake is home after surviving the horrors on the other side of the door and has a new wife, a woman he met risking his life, they are happy they are together, they have a child. But happy ever after is not what the fates have in mind for Jake. Something is out for revenge and it will stop at nothing to get what it wants…

I really love this book, even more than the first. I felt the author really found his feet in the story and didn’t hold back. I could feel the confidence he has gained since writing Unknown and it shows in his work.

The story is sinister I felt it had more of a phycological feel to it compared to his prequel, I really felt in this book that I knew Jake; being able to get lost in a book and believe the characters and the world that inhabit is something I look for in a book and I read this book in two days. It was that good.

I didn’t find any plot holds and the story felt a bit smoother than his first book. I got a bit lost with Unknown with the time line but the author seems to have refined his technique which made for a more pleasant read.

In conclusion, I would say this title follows on well from where the first book left off and I wouldn’t recommend it as a standalone a reader needs to have the full story so if you want to read The Turning invest in a copy of Unknown.  A well written book with lots of description ant atmosphere.

I give this title 5 stars.

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Today has been mental ( hello by the way), I received my edits which is scary /exciting!  I was then told that my book is up for pre order !!! I was not expecting that !!!

So here is the new cover with revised name, It’s so pretty I love it. I would be so grateful to you all if you could share my head talker and pre order links far and wide.  You guys are what keep me writing and blogging so keep an eye out for giveaways in the coming month. ❤

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Ch ch ch ch changes!!!!


How was the bank holiday? Mine was….wet!  UK weather never disappoints on a bank holiday. You may (or may not) have noticed some strange things happening on this site.  I have decided to write under an alias; there are many reasons why. The most important is so I can keep my personal life private…ish and have my writing as its own wee world.

So,I formally freak you out as I re-introduce my self as Alana Greig, author , reviewer and general hard core book addict. My covers and art work will all be changed and if you look at the bottom of the in a nutshell page you have all my revised stalker links for social media.

I feel like a super hero with a secret identity now!… I should get a cape…..




Nightmares aren’t always figments of our imagination.

Alexandrea Cooper moves back to her hometown, Ravensville, after a ten-year absence.
She starts adjusting to life back home again, when her parents are brutally murdered.
There are no suspects and Alexandrea tries to cope with the grief of what has happened, when suddenly her sleep becomes plagued with nightmares of her parent’s killer.
She quickly realizes that there’s more to her world than she originally believed.
She’s reunited with her high school sweetheart, Jake, and the nightmares intensify. Attempts on Alexandrea’s life twist her life as she knows it.
In a race against time, can they stop the killer before it’s too late?

This is zizi’s debut novel and I have to say I enjoyed it immensely. The author takes you on a journey that to begin with reads like a physiological thriller. The lead character Lexi Is disturbed my dreams about her recently murdered parents. Feeling alone is the home town she left so many years ago, Lexi confides in the only person she can her cousin Mia.

The story progresses slowly at first easing the reader into the characters and the time line of the events It was great to have a few lead characters rather than just one. Their individual personalities really brought the story to life.  My interest really peaked when the fantasy element entered and became the dominant part of the story. I found the subject matter original, I haven’t read a book like this one before.  There is plenty of character development and back story; it’s not a long book but it is full of action, mystery and magic.

The love story element was a nice touch and I felt added to the adventure.  Jake, lexis love interest was a really interesting character with a past of his own and secrets that are forced into the open. it was great to have something more to him then just being the leads eye candy. It was a real pleasure uncovering his personal story. In fact, there are so many interesting links between the characters, it really gives the book a richness.

I understand that this is the first part in a series and that was reinforced in the epilogue. It is a really good read with plenty of detail and an original idea. I am really looking forward to the next one, this is a new author to watch.

4.5 stars

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At the time of this review Sweet Nightmares was Available on kindle and kindle unlimited. Paperback to follow.